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How Much Is It Worth To You

To Create A Sense Of Clarity,

Connection, and Peace?

You may have COVID fatigue; perhaps you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one/s; or life is just moving at a rapid pace, all of which is causing you to short-circuit and panic.

But it’s not only the overwhelming amount of emotions you’re dealing with; it’s also the out-of-balance, family, work-life, and environment equation. It’s difficult to feel certain when there are so many things competing for our attention. It’s frustrating when you try to get your mind to be quiet.

After all, that requires mental clarity, believing in your capabilities, and a focused approach to life and business free of external influences. So, how do you discover a natural remedy for stress and anxiety?

Here are two group techniques that we developed over time:

10 Simple Breath Techniques

  • You can calm your mind in a safe environment
  • Release trapped or buried emotions in your nervous system or body
  • Develop your confidence
  • Release and reduce the surge of emotions around COVID-19
  • Breath your way to good habits and feel more energized and relaxed
  • Get out of survival mode and swap burn-out for a fire within

Breathing is the New Black Technique

  • Experience an immediate change in your state in a short space of time
  • Learn to harness the full power of your breathing potential
  • Adopting this practice reconnects us with our inner knowledge and increases our awareness of ourselves
  • It lowers blood pressure, oxygenates the blood, reduces stress hormones, exercises the lungs, increases physical and mental energy, and improves immunity

Meet Bonini

My approach is founded on the belief that there is nothing wrong with you. We are simply programmed to hold on to things from an early age, that 1+1=2, and that even if it is 3, science and logic must explain why.

To assist in transformation and overcome strong emotional surges and events, I employ the science of breathing and evidence-based coaching strategies.

Our style of breathwork is essentially an amalgamation of numerous breathing styles and beliefs (dating back to Aristotle and Hippocrates). I infuse them into how the body works, which I simply call the “Science of Breathing”.

Being taught by one of the best breath workers in South Africa allowed me to experiment with breathing in its purest form and develop a signature set of breathing techniques that are simple to use, applicable, comprehensive, therapeutic, and accessible. Years of searching for solutions to fill the void and heal some of my own scars have taught me that getting to the base of what takes our tranquility requires being willing to be vulnerable. PERIOD

Restore your brain by giving it what it truly craves. Nourish your internal organs, release locked-in trauma, and discover so much more too.

Choose the Breathing Masterclass that you need

What are breathing intervention techniques?

Breathing intervention techniques encompass a variety of methods aimed at improving respiratory function and promoting overall well-being through conscious control of breathing patterns.

Why is controlled breathing important?

Controlled breathing can have numerous benefits, including stress reduction, improved focus, enhanced lung capacity, and better emotional regulation. It can be a valuable tool in managing various health conditions.

Can anyone practice breathing interventions?

Yes, breathing interventions are generally safe for most people. However, individuals with certain respiratory or cardiovascular conditions should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new breathing exercises.

Can I do this online or in person?

Yes, both online and in-person; however, all in-person breathing interventions must take offline costs such as travel, venue, and supporting resources into consideration. Contact Bonini for further information.