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    Companies and Organizations Engage Bonini Because

    When Bonini speaks, it’s not just a presentation; it’s a unique and gripping performance. She is an up-and-coming powerhouse. Owning the stage as though it were made for her. She delivers interactive, practical, and impactful interventions on stress, anxiety, trauma, and conflict. Bonini designs and implements long-term wellness solutions for employees. Designs interactive, team-morale wellness programs to gain a sense of belonging and facilitate difficult conversations.

    Bonini is an emerging speaker—the rising star of the public speaking world—captivating audiences with her fresh perspectives, charismatic delivery, and profound insights. Her dynamic blend of enthusiasm and expertise leaves listeners inspired, informed, and eager for more, leaving a lasting impact wherever she goes.

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    Given the name Botle Tabitha Likano at birth, however popularly known as Bonini Kusano, she takes her audience on a personal and intimate journey with themselves.

    Delicately and smoothly transitioning them into a breathing rhythm. That speaks and connects deeply with the work-life challenges that present mental health issues, stress, fear, worry, anxiety, and fatigue.

    Bringing together an ancient African notion of self, Eastern practices, and neuroscience. Bonini breaks through the barriers of change, resistance, and conflict to bring about learning and unlearning.

    She instantly heals her audience using the science of breathing, infusing humor, being relatable, and being perfect in her imperfections!
    Bonini is on a passionate exploration of making breathing fashionable, trendy, hip, and happening—Breathing Is the New Black. Don’t be left behind, she says.

    Bonini Co. Beyond Knowing Breathing solutions are perfect for:

    Local and international intimate-private get-togethers, Milestone celebrations, Work teams, Conference breakaways, Opening and closing salutations for meetings, summits, retreats, and conferences

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